A Summer's Tale (in Retrospective) – Daniela Orvin

Daniela Orvin – A summer's Tale (in Retrospective)

An IU-exclusive musical creation based on and influenced by a specially curated set of photographs taken during the last summer in the South of Germany.

Website: www.danielaorvin.com

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/danielaorvin

A Summer's Tale (in retrospective)

Dedicated to Daniel Hinkis my nephew who died from cancer at age 15. During the summer when he became sick, he 'Liked' the photos I've posted on 'Instagram' while being in South of Germany. Every time he did that I knew he was still OK until this wordless communication stopped. I was thinking about him while working on this project and still hoped for the best but unfortunately he passed away on October 31st, just a few days after I finished writing the music for this project. May he rest in peace.

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